We Need YOU!

posted Aug 25, 2015, 7:36 AM by Pta Lincoln
Lincoln Mamas & Papas! We're still in need of Room Parent for the following teachers. This role involves twice a year classroom parties (Halloween & Valentine's Day). Please consider and contact Ami Schwartz at amileigh75@icloud.com for more information.

Mrs. Ellers AM
Mrs. Bracker PM
Mrs. Erickson
Miss DeGiaudio

1st - Mrs. Schimdt, Mrs. Stitt, Mrs. Carreola
2nd - Mrs. DeGrazia, Mrs. McElman, Mrs. Meacham
3rd - Mrs. Schreiber, Mrs. Troope, Ms. Peterson
4th - Mrs. Lenzini, Miss Bagg
5th - Mr. Tucker, Mrs. Escalante, Mrs. Lawson
6th - Mrs. Lane