Books for Gifts

Books for Gifts

Welcome back to school!

September 8 is International Literacy Month!!
Support literacy by donating a book to our school library.

As the Lincoln School PTA, we would like to increase the number of books in our library for our students and staff. Books For Gifts is completely non-profit for the PTA; 100% of the money raised goes directly to the purchase of new books to update and expand the Lincoln School book collection for our students.

Our children visit, explore, and check out books WEEKLY in the Lincoln Resource Center (LRC), which is our school’s library and resource center. There is a great selection that is growing and being updated yearly by Mrs. Carol Coutts-Siepka, our school’s teacher in the LRC.

The Lincoln School PTA would like to encourage you to donate to this great program. A purchased book can honor a teacher, a family member, a student’s birthday, or to honor a graduating 6th grader or new kindergartener! We will gladly recognize your donation in the jacket of the book donated! We have set up a simple system that a $10 donation can be put towards the purchase of new books for the LRC. A list of books waiting for sponsorship are listed for your convenience below.

Please contact, Laura Wardle for further information, Click here to fill out the order form, print it and return it with your check (made out to: Lincoln PTA) to your child’s homeroom teacher. To choose a book from the LRC book list (see below). A list of books is in progress during the first month of school.

Books for Gifts - Fall